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In addition to the work we might do together, here are some extra resources that you might find helpful:


  • If you think you have experienced trauma, check out Peter Levine's book, "Healing Trauma," for information about what can cause trauma, how trauma can impact you, and how you can heal from trauma. There is also a "Healing Trauma Online Course" that you might find helpful.




  • For a definition of co-dependency, characteristics of someone who is co-dependent, and resources to help you if you or someone you know is co-dependent, check out the resources on the CoDA website


  • For help understanding and learning how to express your anger, check out John Lee's book, "Facing the Fire."​


  • For help healing your childhood wounds, check out John Bradshaw's "Homecoming."​


  • For help learning how to increase your self-love, check out Christine Arylo's website,, which including information on her books, podcasts, and programs.


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